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Prosthodontic means replacing missing teeth and tissues around the teeth and artificial materials. They are of two types:
Compensation: it is of two types: a moving Kit (partial denture) and animated full Kit (complete denture)
The compensation is made from chrome cobalt and set the teeth of acrylic (acrylic) material or ceramic, are removable from the mouth. The industry needs to clinical and laboratory steps need some time up to several weeks, so temporary compensation are made from acrylic material until the completion of the full compensation industry. Provisional compensation may use made of acrylic permanent as it maintains its properties as an effective tool in chewing food for many years. Significant improvements have been made to the article and created many types of acrylic it has made him more receptive by the patient.
Fixed: compensation and may be of two types: the Crown (crown) and the age for the one and only the second type is the bridge (bridge) and have several teeth.
Fixed compensation are made from ceramic material has replaced the old dental industry-materials such as gold, acrylic-ceramic material so that it is characterized by its hardness and its ability to keep its color as well as being the true color of the teeth. The industry needs to clinical and laboratory steps including preparation of the tooth where it needs fixed compensation to the enactment of supportive or more than offset the mobile does not need supportive age. and more expensive fixed compensation of mobile compensation but more aesthetic and more receptive by the patient.
Added alternatives for modern dental ceramics, give more aesthetic and applicability better with age (cubic zirconia-ansiram).

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