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Root Canal Treatment


Endodontic treatment

is the central part of the tooth that contains nerves, blood dental pulp Dental pulp vessels and lymphatics which represents the living part of the tooth. The tooth core to indirect pulp capping called -treatment includes a number of stages begins from the sothe full eradication of the tooth core. It means to preserve the tooth core which is the sole of the tooth, where the tooth with its core eradicated is a dead tooth.

Endodontic treatment: is the situation in which the nerve is pulled out automatically via tools and chemically via fluids (sodium hypochlorite) then the walls of the pulposus channel are cleaned. The final stage is done by filling these channels permanently to prevent leakage of bacteria into it and to prevent the remaining germs from growing (fully channel cleaning of germs is considered impossible). Once removed, the tooth pulp/core can be replaced by a special filling material.


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